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Starr Ramone #14

Lesbian break-up tattoos are a tale as old as time, as Bebe Davenport explains.

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“Starr Ramone” by Mae Lyne.


Panel 1. Starr and Bebe are being interviewed. Confused, Starr stands with her arms crossed. Bebe is enthusiastic. Starr says, “Gay history? Um, I’m not really qualified to—” Bebe interrupts, “Oh, I love this question!”
Panel 2. Bebe pulls up her sleeve to reveal her three of swords tattoo. Bebe continues, “See, I got this tattoo after my first girlfriend.”
Panel 3. Close-up of the tattoo, Bebe keeps talking: “She cheated on me with some mean girl.”
Panel 4. Close-up of Bebe, who looks wistful. She says, “Broke my heart.”
Panel 5. Bebe shrugs, smiling. She says, “Turns out lesbians have a rich history of break-up tattoos!”
Panel 6. Pan out to show a woman talking to Starr and Bebe. Starr is noticeably uncomfortable but Bebe laughs cheerfully. The woman asks: “What tattoos do you have, Starr?” Starr says, “Sorry to disappoint but I’m still one of those vile ‘straights’. “

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