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Dead Bugs

Colder weather is a death sentence for bugs.

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“Dead Bugs” by Veronica Timble.


Panel 1: Narration reads: “At the end of autumn, when the approaching cold is just a nip in the air, all of the insects come out one last time.” The image depicts a colony of milkweed bugs gathered on a milkweed seed pod.
Panel 2: Narration reads: “Some migrate south, eluding the winter entirely.” The image depicts four dragonflies clinging onto a stem, all facing the same direction.
Panel 3: Narration reads: “Some find their way indoors, attracted by the heat.” The image shows a large number of ladybugs clamoring over each other in a ceiling corner.
Panel 4: Narration reads: “Most will die.” Image depicts four crickets lying dead on their backs in a flower patch.
Panel 5: Image shows a dead house centipede lying upside-down on a floorboard surrounded by dust.
Panel 6: Image shows six dead flies lying in various positions on a carpet.

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