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Copper Odyssey — Broken Glass

When the UV exposure unit gets fixed, who gets left behind?

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“Copper Odyssey” by Cam Collins.


Panel 1:
Narrator explains, “The glass on the UV Exposure Unit has been fixed!”
Boxer says, “Surprise!”
Miss Gun exclaims, “Yippee!! It’s so shiny and not broken!”
Panel 2:
Off panel, a voice shouts, “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME!?”
Boxer, Miss Gun, and Monitor look out of panel, confused and surprised.
Panel 3:
Mr. Broken Glass cries, saying, “I didn’t choose to be BROKEN, you know! I need a hug…”
Narrator explains, “Mr. Broken Glass (Previous Exposure Unit Glass).”
Panel 4:
Miss Gun is sympathetic, exclaiming, “Oh!! Of course you get a hug!”
Monitor pulls her away, saying, “No.”

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