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Bad Parable — Self Help Addict


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Panel One: A group of animals sit in chairs set up in a circle. A merkat says, “Thank you for sharing, Janice. Yello, will you go next?” Yello, a mouse, says, “Sure.”

Panel Two: Yello says, “I’m Yello.” Animals interupt them to say, “Hi Yello.” Yello continues, “—and I’m addicted to self help groups.”

Panel Three: Yello continues, “I love being in spaces for self imrpovement. Doesn’t matter what people are seeking help for. I’m just here for a vicarious journey. Plus, I love sitting in circles.”

Panel Four: Yello is kicked out of the room.

Teddie Bernard (BFA 2023) is a multimedia artist and cartoonist who has never had a Pepsi. Find more of their work at
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