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Starr Ramone #13

Statistically, a messy divorce can inspire at least two or three decent punk albums.

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Panel 1. Bebe stands in between Dave and Karl, a hand on each of the brothers’ shoulders. She says, “Hey, I heard your parents are getting a…”

Panel 2. Zoom on the trio. Dave and Karl are mortified as Bebe shouts “DIVORCE!”

Panel 3. At a table in the foreground, Starr sits with her arms crossed. Her bandmates stand huddled in the background with band equipment strewn about. Starr says, “My parents got divorced once.”

Panel 4. Close up of Starr as a single tear runs down her face.

Panel 5. As her bandmates are in sad contemplation, Bebe cheers, saying “Well, congrats fellas, you’re real punks now!” A caption box reads, “Is anything scarier than a divorce?”

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