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Printmaking Monsters Activity!

Will you be able to keep the printmedia studio safe during the spookiest season of the year? Try your best to identify these printmaking monsters!

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As a Print Studio Monitor, it is important that a Monitor is able to identify various Printmaking Monsters that do not belong in the studio. Do you have what it takes to be a Print Studio Monitor during the scary time of Halloween? Identify the monsters by matching their letters to their names.

Here are the Monsters:

Monster A: A well dressed figure whose limbs are replaced with red cloth rags.This figure stands properly, and would probably have a conversation with you, if it were to meet you.

Monster B: A squirming smiling green liquid peering out of a hole, making biting eye contact with those who peek at it. This green liquid is decorated with bubbles, and looks quite excited and mischievous.

Monster C: A gentle flying figure — some call these things bats — covered in an ambiguous purple/brown ooze. Its eyes glow through the liquid, probably so that it can get a good view of the day.

Monster D: An upright and combative figure with a roll of blue tape for a head. It is trained and ready for battle, carrying an exact-o knife in its hands of…tape? This creature seems to be made entirely of tape!

Monster E: Can this be called a Monster? It is a small child-like figure with its face covered up by a pink book. There are 2 squiggly and doodly dogs walking alongside this child.

Monster F: A ball of dirty rough colorful cloth. It is messy and happy to be messy. Its teeth shine brightly amongst its filth, but there are no eyes to be seen within its wraps.

Here are names for you to match these monsters up with based on their descriptions. Can you tell which monster belongs to which name?


  • Doodler
  • Mr. Ragtime
  • The Dirty Tarletan
  • Tape Knight
  • Emulsion Bat
  • Acid Pal
Were you able to match the monsters with their respective names? You might be ready to be a Monitor yourself!

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