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A Monitor’s Function

Robots and printmedia monitors are a match made in heaven.

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“A Monitor’s Function” by Cam Collins.


Panel 1: Boxer exclaims, “Attention all Printmakers! I have an announcement to make. Please look at me or I will punch you!” Bad girl says, “Damn it… Boxer…” Babin babbles, “H-hi Miss Boxer!”

Panel 2: Boxer says, “I’ve made the observation that humans cannot complete 1,000,000 tasks in an hour. But do you know who can?”

Panel 3: Bad Girl says, “Monitor.” Boxer disagrees, “Nope!”

Panel 4: Boxer continues, “It’s…”

Panel 5: ROBO-MONITOR!!” Robo-Monitor appears, saying, “Happy day… Another day…” Boxer explains in the background, “Snapping tarletans, de-gouging inks, cleaning doors, scraping developer, refilling simple green, fixing silkscreens…it can do it all!”

Panel 6: Boxer says, “Do not whimper like puppies. Especially you, Babin. You will find that robots are quite similar to humans.”

Panel 7: Babin stammers, “T-the robot scares me…can I have a juice please?” Boxer says, “Certainly. Robo-Monitor, Make Babin Orange Juice immediately!”

Panel 8: Robo-Monitor tries to juice an orange on its antenna. Robo-Monitor says, “Coming right up…” Boxer suddenly says “Wait-“

Panel 9: Robo-Monitor makes a variety of Error Sounds.


Panel 10: Robo-Monitor then Explodes.


Panel 11: Sick in bed, Monitor thinks, “Wonder how they’re doing in the studio…”

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