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Nail Day

Everyone craves glamor, even those under the sea.

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“Nail Day” by Ruby Carter.


page 1: an iridescent, ghastly mermaid swims among colorful glowing coral that grows in many shapes. she has dark skin and a spiral braided hairstyle.
page 2: she waits at the mouth of a cave, where a pale mermaid with grey hair peeks out from inside. adorning the outside of the cave are various treasures.
page 3: framed by a cave crevice, the grey haired mermaid arranges a mirror and scissors on a table. she has a shelf of colorful bottles of paint in strange shapes. she begins to paint the other mermaid’s nails.
page 4: the nails are adorned with gems. while admiring her nails, the spiral-haired mermaid extends a webbed hand and pays with a pearl. the pearl is then locked in a treasure chest.

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