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Starr Ramone #10

Can AI replace musicians long gone? Starr Ramone and crew certainly hope not.

By Comics


Panel 1. The Starr Ramone Band is lined up at a table for a press conference. Bebe Davenport is bored as Karl Ritchie rocks back and forth in their chair. Dave Lyne and Starr Ramone sit plainly. A reporter asks a question from the crowd, asking, “Would the Starr Ramone Band ever consider opening for a hologram or AI of Sid Vicious or the Ramones?”
Panel 2. Bebe and Karl look over at Dave, who looks uncomfortable.
Panel 3. Starr speaks up, angrily. She says, “As someone who knew them, I am personally insulted by the continued exploitation after their death, and my spite has kept me alive over these long, long years…so no. We wouldn’t.”
Panel 4. The band walks off set. Karl has a hand on Dave’s shoulder. Starr walks ahead, her hand balled into a fist. Karl says, “Don’t mind that reporter. They can’t actually do that sort of thing…I think.” Starr replies, “If I see a Sid AI I’m personally unplugging the computer responsible.”

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