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AI is a modern day siren.

By Comics



Panel 1: We see a character with a cell phone; their whole body is pressed against a door, barring it from an unseen creature knocking and scratching at the entrance. 

Panel 2: The character, panting from exhaustion, looks at their phone. On screen is a tweet showcasing a piece of AI art: a slightly lewd anime girl with unreasonably large boobs and a questionable amount of fingers. 

Panel 3: Eyes wide with fear, the character utters “You fools, you let it get too strong…”, all the while the knocking at the door turns to loud BANGS.

Panel 4: Next to the character, a boney hand with far too many fingers and nails like claws appears from behind the door, opening it with a whiney creak. 

Panel 5: The creature finally emerges from the other end of the door. It has a grotesque and boney frame, only interrupted by inhumanely large and bulging boobs. On its face, a mask of a cute winking girl, the same from the tweet in panel 2, rests on the right side, revealing a shaded, skinny head with one eye and a terrifyingly wide smile on the left. As it pushes through the door, it tauntingly asks “Oh come now…Aren’t I pretty?”.

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