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What memories do old polaroid contain?

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The panels in this comic are structured to resemble Polaroids taped to paper or a flat surface. 

Panel one: 4 desert rain frogs gather by tulips

The text at the bottom says: as we go on

Panel two: three desert rain frogs are by the beach. One heads towards the water while the other two are under an umbrella and palm tree. 

The text at the bottom says: we remember 

Panel three: two desert rain frogs are stood by trees with yellowing leaves. One is dressed as a ghost and the other as a witch. The witch frog holds a trick or treat bucket.

The text at the bottom says: all the moments

Panel four: one desert rain frog sits on a bench in the cold. He is wearing a scarf, boots, ear warmers and a beanie. The trees are now bare and empty.

The text at the bottom says: we shared together 

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