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Fall 2022 Undergraduate Exhibition

The annual undergraduate exhibition at SAIC highlighted the works of 140 emerging artists.

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Every fall, the graduating seniors of different undergraduate programs at SAIC showcase their interdisciplinary works to the public. Organized by Assistant Director of Exhibitions Josh Fairbanks and the Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies at SAIC, around 140 undergraduate students exhibited their works at SAIC galleries from Nov. 4 to Nov. 18.

The artworks of the students that were on display were unique and diverse. Using the mediums of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and drawings, each student pushed the boundaries of art. The exhibition — which was free and open to everyone — was visited by family and friends of the students as well as the general public.

Asher Jacobson, who came from Milwaukee to see the exhibition, told F Newsmagazine that he had a fantastic time seeing the artworks.

“Iʼm not an artist myself, but Iʼm into the arts. … This is such a cool show. Iʼve never been to such a big gallery space before!” shared Jacobson, who was visiting Chicago to support his friend, one of the exhibitionʼs artists.

Lucija Drake, a SAIC senior and one of the participating artists, also found the exhibition fascinating. “I love how everything here is so diverse. The work really shows how different everyone is,” said Drake.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition taken by Benita Nnachortam and Natia Ser for F Newsmagazine.

Titled, “Where your heart meets mine”, Juniper Zuniga’s sculpture was one of the three-dimensional artworks displayed at the exhibition. Photography by Benita Nnenna Nnachortam.


Artist Marley J. Anderson painted the figures of many influential women whose contributions were erased from history. Photograph by Natia Ser.


Through “The Placid Ladies,” artist Sammy Lam depicted women’s softness and strength. Photograph by Benita Nnenna Nnachortam.


For “Eternity – Coloratura” (on the wall) and “Song for me” (on the floor), artist Kevin Emmanuel took inspiration from his fascination with space and planetary bodies. Photograph by Natia Sar.


“Four Little Swans, 2022” by Jeremy Plotkin Wong was a ceramic artwork coated with glaze. The artist also used false eyelashes and nail paint in their work. Photograph by Benita Nnenna Nnachortam.

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