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Bad Parable – Butch in a Dress

Sometimes, even a butch can get something meaningful out of wearing a dress.

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Panel One: Kat and Yello walk down the street, lit up by streetlamps. Yello is dressed in a smart suit and Kat in a sparkly dress. Kat complains, “I really need to do laundry, I can’t believe the only nice clothes I had for your gallery opening was this stupid dress…”

Panel Two: Yello says, “Aw, Kat, you look fine!” Kat covers her body with her arms, saying, “Sure but it’s… uncomfy.”

Panel Three: She continues complaining, “I just don’t understanding why people like wearing them—” She’s cut off by someone walking past them on the street who says “hey!” From behind, they appear to be a deer wearing a blue flannel.

Panel Four: Kat and the deer, a masculine woman presenting butch goodness, lock eyes. The deer says, “I love your sparkle dress, it’s so cute!” Kat stutters, “T-thanks!”

Panel Five: As the deer walks away, Kat blushes. Yello looks at Kat, mildly concerned.

Panel Six: Their concern is broken when Kat, still blushing, gushes to Yello: “So… this is what it feels like to be a femme.”

Teddie Bernard (BFA 2023) is a multimedia artist and cartoonist who has never had a Pepsi. Find more of their work at
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