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The Sky Talks: Leo Season

Kabbalistic knowledge and secrets about the sun sign from my teacher, Batsheva Shouster.

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Illustration by Jade Sheng.

To speak about the sign of Leo, I invited my teacher and Kabbalistic astrologer Batsheva Shouster to share with us some of her wisdom. Her contribution to this article is an honor to me. Batsheva is a Leo, and, no one better than Leos to talk about themselves, right?

Leo is one of those special months during which Kabbalists say there is abundance of energy.   We might think that its abundance is a good thing because we all want more, but think of it more like a raw electricity coming your way. If you do not use it right, it will burn you. This is exactly what happens this month. 

Most of the months “share” multiple planets. For example, Mercury shares its energy with Gemini and Virgo, Mars with Aries and Scorpio, Venus with Taurus and Libra, etc. 

The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, share their energy with only one month. The Moon shares its energy with Cancer, and the Sun with Leo. 

The luminaries influence us much more than the planets. 

Kabbalistically, during the month of Leo, there is the most negative day of the year and the most positive day of the year. This accounts for the extreme energy that exists in this month. 

In the ancient times there was a temple, it said that the job of the temple was to bring peace and balance in the world. One year, on the most negative day of the year, the temple was destroyed because people hated each other for no reason. 

We might convince ourselves that if we hate someone it is for a good reason, but any kind of hatred originates from the negative, limiting side of the universe, which gives us all kinds of false justifications.

As we start the month, the astrology chart shows us that there are many lessons to be learned. By learning those lessons we can activate the divine system that exists within us and emulate the flow of the universe. 

What is happening this month?

The Sun, the Moon, and Mercury, the planet of communication are, in Leo. 

Mercury in Leo represents “I communicate,” “I think,” “I receive.” 

Mercury opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and squares Mars, our motivation and driving force, in Taurus, Uranus and the north node in Taurus. All are in fixed signs. 

Jupiter is turning retrograde in Aries, a fire cardinal sign.

How are we affected? 

All of those planets speak to each other and create energy. Square is the energy of taking an action. Opposition creates a tear between two types of energy. 

There are three modalities of signs: fixed, cardinal and mutable. Fixed signs are about preserving energy, the cardinal is about actions, and the mutable is about adjustment. 

Leo is a fixed fire sign, and the word that motivates the fire sign is “me.” The Leo is always the main character in their movie. 

The job of the Leo is to transform the energy from “me” to “we.” This requires sensitivity to others, humility, and opening the heart in service. 

The Sun, which rules Leo, is a life giver. Without the sun the trees cannot grow and the world cannot exist, but the sun also has a destructive power that burns and destroys. When the Leo is in service it gives life, but when it concentrates on the “me” (for example: “I am fixing a situation because I am better”), its energy becomes destructive.

Mercury squares Mars and Uranus, and the nodes tell us to approach the way we communicate, talk, think and listen differently: To bring new ideas and innovation to the table. 

The journey of the Leo is to activate the heart area, using words of inspiration and unconditional love. Uranus in Taurus breaks the old systems in order to create a new and better system. The Leocan connect to the positive here by not focusing only on “what I gain” but on “what we gain.” The questions are: How do I share true love and unity in a new way? How can I awaken more love in the world and most of all in my environment?”  

The aspects between the planets can give us the tools to create that new energy of love and support to each other. Love and unity are parts of the names of the creator. That does not mean that we are all the same, it means that we are all pieces of the puzzle of humanity, and we complete each other. 

Jupiter turns retrograde creating the ability to check your motivation on your spiritual path. What spiritual rules am I obeying?

To summarize, the work of this month is to open your heart, to share kindness and love. Every time you think you have the truth and the other person does not, remember that each person has a different point of view and their own truth. The truth is relative. 

Important dates 

July 31: Mercury in accurate opposition to Saturn. Time to think and organize our personal and social truths, and overcome obstacles in communication. Sun trines Jupiter in Aries, an aspect of flow and opportunity. The opposition between Mercury and Saturn can limit this flow to encourage us to bring thoughts and awareness to our actions, to see things in the eyes of the creator. 

July 28 – August 2:  A conjunction between Mars and Uranus can bring uniqueness and originality, but can also be unstable, stubborn, and violent. Do not initiate any fights or arguments, be careful not to fan any flames. 

August 4: Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo. The energy is moving from the heart to the head, in that week be careful not to over-analyze situations. Breathe. 

Evening of August 6 to August 7, Tisha B’av: Considered the most negative day of the year, but also considered to be the seed of personal and global redemption. 

August 8: Venus opposition to Pluto. A day about relationships and money, new beginnings, endings, and what is in between. Reflect on what is important for you in relationships, what are you willing to let go? 

Evening of August 11 to August 12: Full moon of Leo. The most positive day of the year. The day of love. Check the schedule for online connection or at your local center. 

August 12-14: Sun in opposition to Saturn. Some obstacles. Tension between the heart and the head. Release inner and outer negative judgment.  

August 12-15: Mars trines Pluto.  A powerful flow in earth sign, Mars, shows our desire on the surface. Pluto is our desire underneath the surface, in the journey of the soul. When these two planets work well together, we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding and our manifestation, and develop a great intuition in business. 


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