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The Sky Talks: Moving Forward Into Scorpio Season

Mercury is no longer in retrograde. What wonders does the universe hold for us now?

By Entertainment

Illustration by Jade Sheng.

Finally, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury all are back in their direct motion. They are looking forward.

Yes, the past months have been difficult while they were in retrograde, but we are ready to move on. These retrogrades asked us not to push forward, but to hold our ground, renew, garden, and review events. We were given the time to investigate, fix mistakes, clarify problems, and fine-tune future plans. We are now ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

On October 10th, Saturn went direct at 6º Aquarius after six months. It means that now we have learned the lessons on what is no longer working in our life, Saturn’s direct motion is our opportunity to implement changes. 

This is a blessing because Saturn constructs. It is the father of karma — if it’s not good yet, Saturn won’t approve it. So our past has been rectified. While in its retrograde motion, the pattern didn’t change, because it was our opportunity to see what needed to be changed. Now that it has started moving forward, we are being reborn. If you did your homework and prepared, Saturn direct will harvest the fruits of your labour. It is rigorous, but it will give you your rewards for your work. You should have learned by now; understood what you want to leave behind and what you want to incorporate into your life. 

Pluto went direct on October 7, after 6 months in retrograde motion. Pluto loves transformation. We can welcome a big transformation that started orbiting by the end of April — it’s about time now that we made a transformation from our core, and we can now run with it. So rest assured that what you learnt during the retrograde period has the power to transform you now that Pluto is going direct.  Pluto is the most intense planet out there; Pluto is like a cooker under pressure. It’s like a volcano waiting to erupt. Since it’s normal to resist the  dramatic changes that Pluto compels with its transits, Pluto has realigned ourselves with the universe and reoriented the deep shifts that were taking place since September. This is an extremely important transit, which suggests that the upcoming lunar cycle is significant and will bring events that will change our lives profoundly.

Jupiter went direct on Oct 18th. It has regained its strength, and its role now functions in full force. While in retrograde it was complicated and confused. It can now freely act on expansion, luck, increase prosperity, advantages, leaps, studies and travels. Everything expands our life. Everything opens.

Mercury entered its direct motion on Oct 18th too. It indicates that systems, machines, electronics, communications, messages, decisions are now well-thought; they will not be held back anymore. Now you can sign contracts. Mercury’s  dexterity and intelligence will allow that.

Things are finally moving forward. Make a commitment. What do you want to leave behind, and what will you transform and push forward? 

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