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What’s the July 2017 Mood? These 9 Paintings of Women on Couches

By Arts & Culture

Time may be a construct but it certainly feels real when you realize the calendar year you’re trudging through is halfway over, the summer is fleeting, and you’re almost 25 and NOT a famous novelist-slash-supermodel. In honor of the pesky, unavoidable passage of time, here are some relatable, painted women who should probably be doing something else right now.

Nadezhda Lermontova, “On the Divan, Self Portrait,” 1910-1920. Image via Tumblr.

It’s like when you need to get ready and face the world of other mid-level functioning human adults but also nothing is real and these cushions are comfortable.

Zinaida Serebriakova, “Sleeping Katya,” 1945. Image via Flickr.

A midday nap can be refreshing, but definitely not the aggressive 30-minute one you took between work shifts.

Henri Matisse, “Woman on a Sofa,” 1919. Image via WikiArt.

There’s a great big world out there, but not for you. There is nothing out there for you. Here’s another Netflix show.

Felix Vallotton, “The Black Stocking,” 1904. Image via WikiArt.

Getting ready to go out while slowly realizing you definitely do not want to go out.

Suzanne Valadon, “The Blue Room (La chambre bleue),” 1923. Image via WikiArt.

Sometimes it’s creatively, emotionally, and financially beneficial to hang out with only yourself; also, not having anyone witness your extremely not chill panic attack related to your landlord’s indoor smoking policy, is for the best. 

Bob Buys, “Woman Lying on Sofa,” n.d. Image via Twitter.

Some days, the only acceptable companion is your equally-broke friend who is not a human and will definitely not ask you how work is going.

Ishikawa Toraji, “Blue Parrot (Buryu inko), from the series “Ten Types of Female Nudes (Rajo jusshu),” 1935. Image via The Art Institute of Chicago.

Your apartment might be impeccably furnished but there’s no air conditioning and you’re absolutely not going to do anything about it.

Zinaida Serebriakova, “Sleeping Nude,” 1941. Image via Flickr.

No seriously…zero air conditioning.

Ramon Casas, “Joven decadente,” 1899. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Your creative energy may be permanently stifled thanks to your ongoing existence as a cog in the capitalist machine, but at least you’ve got time in your day to stare off into space and reflect on every mistake you’ve ever made! Happy summer!

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