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Your Guide to Election Season Fashion

Show off your angst about the 2016 election in style.

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Illustration by Yen-Kai Huang.

Bummed about this election? Have no fear: Here’s a quick run-down of the best gear to show off your political angst this fall.

Bernie Sanders Stud Earrings

Still holding out for your favorite Democratic-Socialist as the next president? Make all your fellow Bernie-or-Busters jealous with these handmade Bernie earrings, sold exclusively on Etsy.

Or if you’d rather go full-frontal, check out these Bernie leggings.

“Cats for the White House” T-Shirtvoteforcatweb

Not happy with donkeys or elephants in the White House? Pick up this ballot-inspired shirt at Hot Topic, and show the world who you’d rather have govern the country: cats.

“Make America Gay Again” Hat

Complete your outfit this fall with a hat that satirizes the Trump campaign’s white-supremacist slogan “Make America Great Again.” This clever red baseball cap from the Human Rights Campaign replaces the word “great” with “gay” to show your rainbow-side.

“Donald Trump: We Shall Overcomb” Sweatshirt

Cozy up in this steel blue sweatshirt and make clear your thoughts on Trump’s obnoxious comb-over. Not only is his classic poof on display on the front of this fall must-have, but it also transforms into a bald eagle. What more could you want?

“Goldman Sachs ‘16” T-Shirt

Pick up this slimming electric blue shirt to share your frustration with the 1 percent. The shirt reads “Goldman Sachs ‘16: Your True Winner in a False Choice.”

yeezyhatweb“Yeezy for President” Hat

Think Kanye would be a better fit for the White House than Trump or Clinton? Cap off your outfit with this stylized pink hat while also showing support for your favorite rapper/god.

“We’re All Screwed 2016” Tote Bag

Use this angsty tote to stylishly carry all your textbooks this fall, while also sharing a daring premonition.

“Delete Your Account, Hillary” Socks

Get these knee-high socks to show your frustration with Clinton’s private email server scandal. I’d recommend the fuschia striped ones with the decal of ol’ Hill and “Delete Your Account” printed underneath.


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