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Photos From Inside the Chicago Trump Rally

Cassandra Davis features some spectacular photographs from the midst of the Chicago Trump rally.

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All photographs are by Cassandra Davis.

  • Friday evening's Trump rally draws crowds of both supporters and protesters in the thousands.
  • Young Trump supporters celebrating as UIC's Pavilion fills.
  • After a 30-minute delay, a campaign representative announces that the rally has been cancelled due to security concerns.
  • Massive crowds of protesters make their presence known as the audience erupts in celebration. Announcements of the cancellation are drowned out by the cheering of enormous crowds inside.
  • Scuffles between supporters and protestors fill the rally floor.
  • Media turns away from an empty podium to the massive presence of protests in the back bleachers.
  • Crowds roar and some chant for Bernie, others shout "Sí, sí se puede," and others sang "we gon' be alright," the chorus of Kendrick Lamar's "Alright."
  • A protester displays a torn Trump sign.
  • Trump supporters leave the rally while others remain behind and engage with protesters. Some Trump supporters are heard chanting "Build a wall, build a wall" and "go back to your country" along with other racial slurs.
  • A young woman stands with her friend wearing an American flag as hijab.
  • A Trump supporter responds to shouts from protesters. Later he is seen in a scuffle with protesters outside and escorted away by police.
  • A protester stands her ground as police tell her to leave.
  • Overheard within this moment from off screen: "This does not bode well for Trump." The UIC Pavilion empties as crowds clash.
  • Thousands of protesters gather outside of the rally, contained by a sizable police presence and horse mounted officers. The protesters succeeded in shutting down the rally.
  • Protesters outnumber Trump supporters at this point in the evening.
  • illustration by Cassandra Davis

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  1. thanks for sharing these.

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