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This month F wanted to know:

Do you think Mayor Rahm Emanuel should resign?

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This month F wanted to know:

Do you think Mayor Rahm Emanuel should resign?

“It’s irresponsible and indecent that Rahm would remain in office after the Laquan McDonald scandal. Anita Alvarez should be removed as well, while we’re at it, since anyone involved with the cover-up of a brutal killing of a teenager by police is not morally responsible enough to take care of the people of Chicago. Rahm has a long history of corrupt behavior and repeatedly makes political decisions that are at the expense of his city’s citizens. He doesn’t care about us, and if Hillary Clinton ever had a chance of getting my vote, it evaporated when she endorsed Rahm Emanuel. The people of Chicago have spoken. Rahm needs to go.”

—Lisa Claire Greene

“It would be ideal for Rahm Emanuel to resign. The conspicuously delayed release of the video showing Laquan McDonald’s murder by the Chicago Police Department is only the latest installment of the Rahm franchise (recall the closure of several community mental health clinics and many Chicago Public Schools). The withholding of the video seemed to be the last straw for many, and now change is being sought more aggressively than ever. It’s clear Rahm is feeling the heat too; as of mid-January, cement trucks were barreling down various Loop thoroughfares filling in potholes in near-freezing temperatures. Talk about hasty reform! I believe that Rahm Emanuel’s resignation is a worthy goal. However, it’s too bad we passed up the opportunity to vote him off the fourth floor when we had the chance less than a year ago. At the time, there were already plenty of reasons to do so. Now Rahm’s local fan base is waning further and his unusually large following outside the city (something worth noting) may go the same direction. In the meantime, let’s see what change we can get, be it less potholes, less Rahm, or, call me crazy, maybe both.”

—Henry Harris

“No, Rahm should not resign. Chicago is fine, if you don’t read the news or live there.



—Joe Carpenter

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