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What the F Are We Reading? May 31-June 6

This week: Texas biker gangs, expelled Chinese students, Virtual Reality, Jeb Bush, Shepard Fairey, Game of Thrones and more.

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Authorities at the scene of a shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on Sunday. Jerry Larson/Associated Press

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A Huge Shoot Out Between Bike Gangs in Waco, Texas is Compared to Gang Violence in Chicago

Though the interviewer poses questions in a decidedly biased manner, the comparison between the shoot-out involving two biker gangs in Texas that took place recently and the type of violence portrayed all over the news about gang violence in Chicago is an interesting thought experiment. Are they comparable? Why do we think of biker gang violence as a blast from the past while gang violence is something that is common and happening in every big American city?

How Hollywood is Becoming Involved in the Race to Produce Movies with Virtual Reality Technology

Samsung is already working on a new series that will premier in VR in 2016. Viewers will be able to watch the series by attaching a headset to their smartphones. Through virtual reality technology, the viewer becomes part of the scene and also part director. Could virtual reality completely change the movie-making game?

Google Just Announced a Bunch of Really Cool Stuff It’s Coming Out With

And Slate put them in order for us from most awesome to least mind boggling. Items include the device pictured below that allows anyone with access to a ton of GoPro cameras to film their own virtual reality videos/shows/movies.


A GoPro camera rig that can shoot 360-degree footage for Google’s new virtual-reality platform. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via


Last Year, 8,000 Chinese Students Were Expelled from American Universities

Chinese students are increasingly becoming the largest international student group on college campuses around the country. We can see this even here at SAIC. Why are so many of these students being expelled? Does this have something to do with the types of entrance exams that foreign students must take before attending American universities? Is there a solution?


Shepard Fairey, the Artist Behind the Famous Obama “Hope” Poster, Voices His Loss of Hope in Obama

His concerns echo those of many would-be Obama supporters. The artist has also made it clear that he will not be working with the Hillary Clinton or designing posters for her campaign.

A Shepard Fairey “Hope” poster (photo by Lord Jim, via Wikimedia Commons) via


Many, like the Feminist Pop Culture Website The Mary Sue, Are Deeply Upset About the Excessive Use of Rape as a Plot Device on HBO’s Game of Thrones

The editor in chief of The Mary Sue, Jill Pantozzi, posted this response as to why the website will be no longer be actively promoting the show. Pantozzi and many other female writers for the site love the show, but they can no longer continue to support or advertise it.

Was Jeb Bush Actually Being Pedantic?

Recently, 19 year old college student Ivy Ziedrich informed Jeb Bush that it was in fact his brother, George, who created ISIS. When Bush responded, Ziedrich told him that he need not be pedantic. The internet erupted in laughter with Jeb being the butt of the joke. But, was he really being pedantic? Greg Richter claims that he wasn’t, at least not in the moment that Ziedrich claims he was. Richter discusses how many Americans might actually not know the meaning of the word and the hardship that Jeb Bush faces in campaigning.

image via

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