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Jeff Beck Wants You to Play

Jeff Becks’ take on participatory musical projects

By Entertainment


Artists in the music industry are experimenting new ways to make and distribute albums. Remember last December, without the predictable media leak, Beyoncé released her fifth album containing 17 videos? The new record came without a warning, and more importantly, without a marketing campaign.

At the end of 2012, English singer, songwriter and legendary guitarist Jeff Beck gave the list of unusual albums a new entry with his barely noticed Song Reader. Song Reader isn’t a record, it is a book of sheet music, twenty songs in total that have never been performed or recorded by the artist. Anyone buying Song Reader is invited to find their own interpretation of each song. A website named after the album has been launched to collect and share the multitude of individual interpretations of Beck’s twenty musical scores.

Song Reader will also charm non-musician who love design and illustration. The book features original art by  Leanne ShaptonMarcel DzamaJessica Hische and Josh Cochran.


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