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Transcendental Meditation For Your Ears

London Grammar: Check It.

By Entertainment

I struggle to find music I can play while I study. If there are lyrics I tend to listen too attentively and not focus on what I am reading or writing. If it is too upbeat, my mind gets agitated and I have the urge to get up and do something more physically engaging than sitting my ass on a chair for six straight hours.

Recently a friend sent me an email that read : “London Grammar, check it.” I trust my friend’s taste in music and more importantly, I was happy to have an excuse to procrastinate my readings, so I did as I was told.

Holy frog ! Not only did I absolutely love what I was listening to, I found it both engaging and relaxing, it was like meditating with my ears. For the past three weeks, I have said goodbye to Bach and all the classic composers that usually help me go through my weekly 300 pages of readings and I have fully embraced the London Grammar sound.

As you can guess, the trio is originally from London. They first album titled If You Wait came out in September 2013; it has been very well received both in Europe and Australia and the band now seems ready to play their unearthly melodies here in America. In January of this year, they appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and they will be touring the country from March 17 up until the end of April.

The sound of London Grammar will make you feel like you are slowly drifting underwater. Singer Hannah Reid definitely has a “London voice”, strong yet airy, a less irritating version of Florence Welsh. It reminds me of so many young women I have heard in pubs and hipster bars in East London. It feels fresh yet familiar.

Picking just one song from this beautiful and delicate album is a hard task, but Wasting my Young Years and Nightcall are a great introduction to the music of this promising trio.

London Grammar will be playing at Metro in Chicago on April 4.

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