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Weary Sunday Playlist

Sundays can be hard to deal with. Here is a playlist for those weary ends to the weekends.

By Entertainment

Sundays can be hard to deal with. Whether you have a tremendous hungover compounded by muscle ache from dancing (or other activities), or simply feel powerless and exhausted at the thought of yet another Monday coming your way, it seems that some sundays are just spent waiting for what comes next.

You might wish you had down feather lined pyjamas on, a mug that magically refills itself with your favourite hot beverage, and some nice tunes to listen to. Well, there is at least one of those three wishes I can help you with today.

Here is a weary Sunday playlist:

Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back

[youtube 6EPwRdVg5Ug]

Laura Marling – Master Hunter

[youtube fO2gm29rI7E&list=PLvvVCeJuFWNcla8bCR3lxyTpanXC7Hkbk]

Selah Sue – This world

[youtube mJtM7SRo6l8]

Solange – Losing You

[youtube Hy9W_mrY_Vk]

Rhye – Open

[youtube sng_CdAAw8M]



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