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Publishing Spotlight: Allied Forces Press

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Allied Forces Press

Allied Forces Press is a California-based independent publishing collective that specializes in short-run zines and art books.  The majority of the work published under the Allied Forces moniker makes use of black-and-white laser-printed interior pages with content ranging from pencil and ink drawings to writing, photography, collage, and scanned objects.  The releases also tend to incorporate various handmade elements, including silkscreened and vegetable-printed covers as well as thread binding.

Raw Bones by Jared Pittack

While many of the books and zines focus on the work of one or two artists, the collective has also released several issues of Allied Forces Quarterly, a recurring publication that highlights a multitude of contributors working in many different kinds of media.  The creative director behind Allied Forces Quarterly is artist Jared Pittack, whose drawings can be found in many of Allied Forces’ releases (including several books exclusively featuring his work).

Allied Forces Quarterly, Issue No. 1

Although books and zines constitute its library of physical releases, Allied Forces is also behind an ongoing series of digital mixtapes titled Earwax Ziptape.  The mixes are available for free on Bandcamp, and they feature a variety of artists working primarily in beat-making and instrumental hip-hop.

Allied Forces Quarterly, Issue No. 2

Allied Forces Quarterly, Issue No. 2

Many of Allied Forces’ releases are available to view for free on their website, and currently-available print releases can be purchased from their webstore.

Allied Forces Press website

Earwax Ziptape on Bandcamp

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