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Cat People

A new bi-lingual magazine for “cat-obsessed creatives.”

By Arts & Culture

I readily say this loud and proud: I am a cat lady.

I am that woman you know who excuses herself early from social functions because she needs to go home and feed her cat out of a deep-seated separation anxiety. I am also an unabashed paperphile and a sucker for product styling, so when I randomly found out about Cat People Magazine while messing around on Instagram (yes, looking at photos of other people’s cats), I flipped.

cat flats

“Ivory satin kitty flats by Charlotte Olympia” from Cat People

Cat People isn’t another run-of-the-mill hipster cute animal round-up. Launching with Issue One later this month at The Tokyo Art Book Fair, the bi-lingual English/Japanese magazine features “interviews and work by cat-obsessed creatives.” The publication’s website is a simple arrangement of the editorial staff’s favorite things: movie stills, accessories, vintage books and magazine spreads (cat and non-cat themed):

balzer poesies

“Melinda Gloss elbow-patch tweed blazer, and a Gallimard edition of Mallarme’s Poésies” from Cat People

tokyo suburbia

“Tokyo Suburbia by Takashi Homma, 1998” from Cat People

My sense is that Cat People is going to find its footing with an audience somewhere in between Vogue‘s “Cat Week” and Kinfolk. If the print edition is anything like the assemblage of the candy-colored website, count me in. I am thrilled that someone has had the idea of pairing creative industries with cat appreciation, and that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Long live niche publishing.


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