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A recap of political events that took place over Thanksgiving break

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WalMart Protests Gain Momentum Over Black Friday Weekend

Former and current WalMart employees were joined by supporters over the Black Friday weekend at over 1,000 WalMart stores  to protest the dire wages, expensive health care costs, and an overall lack of consideration on behalf of management at the multinational corporation. According to The Nation, there was an active effort on behalf of Walmart to surpress the protests. DemocracyNow’s video coverage of the protests is below:


Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Scales Back Polarizing Decree

After the measures issued by Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi over the weekend that prevented the country’s judicial system from challenging any laws he has passed since he took office in June, Morsi has now announced he will scale back the scope of his judicial decree, according to the New York Times. Morsi’s power grab riled up secular forces and pro-revolution movements and, according to The Guardian, Egypt is getting ready for a wave of protests for and against Morsi’s measures.

U.S. State Department Cancels Andrew W.K.’s Trip to U.S. Embassy in Bahrain

According to Pitchfork, a scheduled “party trip” in which W.K. would visit elementary schools, the University of Bahrain, and music venues, has been cancelled. The musician initially posted on his website that he had been named cultural ambassador by the State Department hence his scheduled trip, but the government denied he had been granted the designation but did confirm he had been invited to the U.S. embassy abroad.  You can visit his Twitter account to read his lamentations.

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