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Auxiliary Life Goals

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Mount Kilimajaro, courtesy of

We all have real life goals –goals like: finish school, get a PhD, travel the world, write a book, have a major solo art exhibition, win a prestigious award, maybe get married, or have a family. Important events or achievements against which you measure or will measure the success and happiness of your life.

But this post is about auxiliary life goals. The goals that will not determine how successful or happy your life has been, but rather how weird and interesting things got. This is a post about those goals.

Here are five of my auxiliary life goals:

1) Being in a John Waters film (which according to this article in the WSJ, might not be getting made very often)
2) Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
3) Learning to ride a motorcycle
4) Be in a comedy show
5) Becoming an internationally renowned photocrasher

I’m fully aware that the quality/achievability of these goals is somewhat questionable, but I don’t mind. The real life goals are where insecurity is seated, where the big life questions are won and lost. They write theater about this kind of stuff. Your ALG are the kind of things that make for interesting book indexes.

So, my question this week for all you F’ers is: What’s auxiliary life goals do you have?

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