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Help Find Tola Brennan

SAIC student missing for more than two weeks according to Oregon authorities.

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SAIC student Tola Brennan has been reported missing and was last seen in Oregon. Please read the article below and contact the appropriate authorities if you have any information that could help locate him.

Police ask public to help find Tola Brennan, who may have been in the Carver area.” from the Oregonian.

Portland man, possibly headed for Eugene, missing for 2 weeks.” from

5 Responses to Help Find Tola Brennan

  1. i am tola’s grandmother and he is planning to come and visit me sometime in the very near future. thanks for beng concerned. so he is not a missing person.

  2. iamowl says:

    If Tola is no longer missing, why isn’t the media letting everyone who is looking for him know to stop looking? The family ought to make a statement if that’s the case.

  3. veggyhead says:

    is it true that tola is not missing? he used to be a work study student at our yoga studio in SE portland.

  4. Tola Brennan says:

    To clarify,
    I am very much not missing. I apologize for not making this more evident, but due to the personal nature of the circumstances of my life, it felt inappropriate to make more of a stir by publicizing my presence.

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