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Impending Break, Stuck in Chicago.

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So, I will be stuck in Chicago for the winter. I know there are more of you out there who are too far from home and too broke to travel and know that it makes break seem a little less appealing, or perhaps more depending on your situation. These links all share for me a Northwest nostalgia: endless highways, snow tipped mountains, 60 degree weather in January, hot toddy’s on the menu at every bar, endless springs full of un-pasturized milk and straight-from-the-bees-ass honey. Ok, ok so pay no attention to the fact that the place described doesn’t actually exist and that some of these links don’t have any real geographic link to the Pacific Coast, but here are some small pieces of my make believe home.

Some songs:

1. Sibylle Baier – “The End”

2. Silver Jews – “Random Rules”

3. Townes Van Zandt – “For the Sake of the Song” 

4. Van Morrison – “Sweet Thing”

5. Beat Happening – “Tiger Trap”

A website:

I love Semina.




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