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Infographs and relationships

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Love. Is there anything more challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and disappointing than our constant search for it? Lots of things, probably, but it makes good gossip and whenever you type “sex” on a blog, your web hits go way up.

Today, in our bustling news office, my obsession has been the OK Cupid Blog. OK Cupid is an online dating site, and they frequently use the information that they glean off of peoples dating profiles to form interesting infographics. This post from way back in April made me think twice about the words men and women use to describe themselves and the world around them. The friend who put me on to the blog said it most succinctly: “When a woman says she likes cuddling, I know she may be great, but she’s not my kind of girl.”

I can’t imagine what kind of infographs Facebook has about all the nonsense users put online. They probably geek-down at staff parties over it. I would. But speaking of which, here’s a Facebook Relationship Infographic from the folks at Daily Infographic:

Facebook Infographic, from


Yikes. It’s *almost* as uplifting as the smarmy but researched article on Cracked about why social networks are bad for you. Without getting hysterical, there seems to be a lot of well-illustrated data about how messed up the machine you’re using to read this is making you. My plan? Read up all this stuff, then amuse your self in class by who over uses the words “ridiculous”, “tattoo”, “church”, and “England”. Who knows, maybe I’ll find my soulmate.*


*Probably not.

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