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Waste Not, Eat Lots: F This I'm Outta Here

A bittersweet goodbye in the form of a sandwich.

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The worst thing about eating is that every great meal must inevitably be finished. So often the first bite of a fantastic dish is just as bitter as it is sweet, and not because I’ve drizzled caramel on some citrus rinds. No, sometimes just knowing that the plate will soon be empty can be heartbreaking. Each meal a microcosm of life, a quiet reminder that all things move toward their end.

It’s in this spirit that I submit to you, Waste-Nauts, my final installment of Waste Not, Eat Lots for F Newsmagazine.

It’s a grilled cheese sandwich with peanut butter, bacon, pickles, and cheddar. What can I say? I’ve never been really good at goodbyes. Served with potato chips and guacamole.

Of course the digestive process quickly transforms every end into a beginning. It’s not long before we find ourselves hungering once again, and I’m happy to say that in short time I’ll be opening an official Waste Not, Eat Lots blog where you can find much more of this sort of thing. Until then, feel free to check out E-WASTED.NET where I’ll be peppering my art-talk with pictures of what I eat. Cheers!


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