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Waste Not, Eat Lots: No Dogs

Used up all your hot dogs in nachos and smoothies? Here’s a nice “morning, noon, or night” solution for all those orphaned hot dog buns.

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When you do things like this (2 weeks ago), chances are you’re going to end up with some stray hot dog buns once in a while. I’ve seen too many people throw away perfectly good buns when they don’t have the appropriately shaped meat accompaniment, so this little meal is just a reminder that buns are just bread. You can do anything with them that you would do with normal bread (the same is true of the converse — sliced bread can serve as a hot dog bun, no problemo). Waste Not! Eat Lots!

No Dogs

As I said, buns are just bread with a few special skills but they’re really quite versatile in the clutch. The same goes for breakfast in general, which can and should be eaten as much as possible. Here I took a couple of hot dog buns, three strips of bacon, and a couple of eggs and ate them for dinner after a yoga class. I toasted the buns and fried the other stuff (same pan, medium heat). Some salt and pepper on the eggs, flipped after a couple minutes (I broke one yolk). I blotted the bacon with a paper towel after cooking to get rid of some of the grease. I am a health nut though, so that part is optional (not pictured: I had a few carrot sticks). Oh yeah, there’s also some butter on the buns. You should know that if I’d had any cheese at the time, it would be all over this thing.

2 Responses to Waste Not, Eat Lots: No Dogs

  1. Pat says:

    There are few maxims worth living a life by. “If I had cheese it would be all over this” surely must be one of them.

  2. Terry says:

    Looks like this would clog every artery in the human body

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