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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Costco Taco

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My crusade against leftover abuse continues. Here I took the remains of a party and slammed it all together for a most satisfying brunch a couple of days later. You know, come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’m really allowed to call it “brunch.” Brunch is always such a social activity (“Hey, what are you doing this weekend? How about brunch?” “Oh that sounds fabulous! Let’s brunch!”); I’m pretty sure if you’re eating your first meal of the day at noon and you’re alone, it’s just called “pathetic loser.” Furthermore, brunch is supposed to be the combination of breakfast and lunch. While these tacos certainly bring elements of both meals to the table, I definitely ate lunch later that day. Whatever, Waste Not, Eat Lots!

Costco Taco

Like I said, the food was originally intended for a party so the selection of leftovers was vast (the food came from everyone’s favorite human feed warehouse) but somewhat disparate: Mesquite chicken wings (I cut the meat from the bones before heating it in the pan), guacamole (from a pouch/squeeze tube), cherry tomatoes (from a vegetable platter), and black beans (actually left over from a different meal). I combined these things with a little 2-egg scramble (with cheddar cheese) and some flour tortillas and got myself a three-taco plate to rival the best of anything I’ve ever eaten. I wish I weren’t such a fan of hyperbole so this point could ring even more loud and clear, but I really may never have eaten a tastier brunch.


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