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Intel’s Viral Strategies

Hip videos, the Black Eyed Peas, and museums all about you.

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These days if brands want the Internet to notice them their ad campaigns have to have that viral flare. This isn’t as easy as dishing out for a prime-time commercial like a spot in the Super Bowel. Viral-ness isn’t a science, it takes creative thinking, a strong social-media presence, a little bit of luck and of course winning the hearts of the right bloggers. The world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, Intel, has made this a top priority. They’ve sponsored the popular on-line video series the Creator’s Project along with Vice Magazine, as well as produced some on-line video content of their own. Their series Visual Life spotlights artists who use Intel technology at the center of their “visual lives” (essentially anyone with a computer). One episode featured photographer and blogger Scott Schuman, aka “The Sartorialist.”

The Sartorialist’s blog gets 70,000 readers a day, so it’s no surprise that when Schuman posted the video it immediately went viral (within that context). Courting pop-icons is clearly an intentional part of their strategy, perhaps made most evident by their recent decision to hire Black Eyed Peas’ front man as their new “director of creative innovation.” While this seems to be working out for Intel, getting famous people to pimp your brand is still an old trick. Intel’s most recent Internet campaign turns it’s lens away from the conventional pop-star and towards the only person we care about more… ourselves. Intel’s The Museum of Me, creates a custom museum video-tour on the spot, using your own personal Facebook content (friends, likes, albums, etc) as the artwork on display. Make a note of it: nepotism is the key to viral success.

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