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A Beautiful Tease

Helena Bonham Carter delights as the new face of Marc Jacobs

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Ad campaigns. In the fashion world, they’re like foreplay: a teasing, enticing bit of what’s to come for the new season. I always get excited when the Spring and Fall ad campaigns begin to emerge, especially as designers continually up the visual ante, or, to continue with our original metaphor, put the moves on viewers in ways that are ever more tantalizing. When it comes to melding art and fashion, Marc Jacobs has always been a standout example of how seamlessly these two worlds relate. Aside from collaborating with over hundreds of contemporary artists throughout his career, his ad campaigns, in and of themselves, are unquestionably art. Always shot by Juergen Teller (at least for the past five years), the images capitalize on the bizarre as they incorporate models and quirky celebrities always situated in a fantastical, mal-proportioned manner. This year, Jacobs brought on the eternally off-beat Helena Bonham Carter who poses in pillbox caps and a unique employment of polka dots, for an ad campaign that has been described as “sick” from the most astute of critics. This lady loves it. Well played, Mr. Jacobs — consider me excited for the main event.


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