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Rahm Emanuel Inauguration

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F News's Promotions Manager at Rahm's Inauguration.

I was let our early of a thesis workshop to be part of this momentous event. The great lawn was opened for the first time this “spring” to accommodate the crowds. So what did Rahm say?  Nothing directly about SAIC, but the big theme of his speech was about investing in Chicago’s youth in order to make Chicago even greater.  Investing in the future Chicagoans involved mostly education reform. Rahm wants to make the Public School days longer (they’re ridiculously short currently).  Rahm’s only direct mention of the arts came when he listed various recent achievements of Chicago students; one including a student who had created successful arts programming, which Rahm wants to implement elsewhere.

It’s a new era for Chicago, but how will this effect the students at SAIC, and how long will it take for us to be affected?

Francisco Rosas, Promotions Manager.

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