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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Wingin' It

A novel way to deal with leftover chicken wings without getting your fingers dirty.

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Ah, leftovers. There’s nothing better than being hungry and desperate and finding something in the refrigerator that’s already certifiably delicious (you already ate it once, and it was obviously good enough to take home). However, there’s nothing much worse than coming across a Styrofoam container that you just know’s been sitting on the shelves for a bit too long. Curiosity takes hold, you open the box, and are met with sights and smells no civilized person deserves to face. WASTE NOT, EAT LOTS!

Wingin’ It

One main reason I find that we waste our leftovers is the problem of re-preparation. Using a microwave can leave things soggy and rubbery, while the other options are not really dependable either. It’s easier to pour a bowl of Cheerios than it is to try and figure out how to reheat a lamb chop. This is especially true when dealing with meat that still has bones in it. Have you ever microwaved ribs? It’s terrible. It’s as if the bone marrow evaporates from the bone and then immediately reconstitutes itself in the meat or something. The best strategy, I guess, is to bake the food at a low heat and to just be patient until everything’s warm enough, which completely obliterates the convenience of having leftovers in the first place.

A fine strategy that I’ve taken to recently is cutting the meat from the bone and frying it up in a pan. I did that this weekend with some chicken wings. I added leftover rice from a different meal and leftover black beans from yet another meal. Mixed with some diced jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, it was quite the treat.

Eric Baskauskas

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