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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Lazy Genius

It’s all in the presentation with this macaroni and cheese effort.

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Today we’re reaching new heights of pathetic ingenuity at Waste Not, Eat Lots. Trimming the proverbial fat leaves room for real fat so in the spirit of stripping down, I present you with this streamlined meal. In a related move, I’m doing away with keeping count of these entries. This may be the eleventh installment, but counting seems like a waste of time. Sort of like doing dishes.

Lazy Genius


I know I use macaroni and cheese in my recipes a lot, but it’s usually relegated to a supporting role. A testament to its versatility to be sure, but also perhaps not as respectful of its outright awesomeness. There’s nothing to this meal besides mac and cheese; the power is in the presentation.

Most blue-box mac dinners call for butter and/or milk to be added to the pasta when you mix in the cheese powder. As I was preparing this particular meal, I realized that I was “out” of Country Crock butter spread. That is to say, there was nothing substantial to scoop out and use. 99% of Americans would have thrown away the tub, but a Waste-naut knows better. Most food packages aren’t designed to allow for maximum consumption. Inevitably small pieces end up stuck to the container and thrown into the trash or washed down the sink. Anyway, this explanation is getting too long. I mixed my macaroni and cheese in the Country Crock tub and it was great. See you next week.


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