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Swiss sound poets Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras to perform at ESS this Saturday.

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They met on a bench in Geneva many years ago, both of them students of music and linguistics. While they are known individually as accomplished instrumentalists, you can catch them this Saturday at the Experimental Sound Studio reciting their collaborative text based sound art.

Focusing almost exclusively on phonetics, their work deals largely with the bio-mechanics of speech, and the musical qualities of spoken language. Think Meredith Monk, but less melodic in the conventional sense of the word.

Some of the work speaks to the stages of language acquisition in infants. Other pieces speak more to the work of Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure.

Give it a listen for yourself.

5925 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660-3107
(773) 769-1069
Tickets are $10/$7 for Students and ESS members

Brandon Kosters, Editor-in-Chief

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