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The Menagerie by "Death by Design, Co."

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The Menagerie by Death by Design, Co.
By Teena McClelland (Art History, Liberal Arts, Visual and Critical Studies Staff) and Michelle Maynard (IRFM), SAIC
At The International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago
June 12th 2010-from 7pm-11pm

An interactive evening directed by Death by Design. A night of escape at the International Museum of Surgical Science! This once-in-a-lifetime event will transport guests to the forgotten mansion of the infamous Dr. Moreau. Enter the lair guided by half-human hosts as they stage a hybrid circus.

Death by Design, Co., is a special effects and video-based company established by artists Michelle Maynard and Teena McClelland in May 2005. The Death by Design team constructs film sets and immersive environments at select locations where clients are invited to enter the set and engage in an in-depth conversation with life through their own “Hollywood” death. The audience can choose to watch the action unfold or be part of the story-line, infiltrating the artwork as live (and dead) bodies.

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Interviews/camera/edit by Nick Briz.

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  1. Tinyeee says:

    WOW great music by the FANTASTIC band The Scarring Party–

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