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(The Duke) Riding off into the Sunset

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Illustration by Brandon Kosters

Letter from the Editors

The tulips are in the median of Michigan Avenue again. This can only mean one thing: The Spring semester is winding down.

Now that President Wellington “Duke” Reiter resigned in April, and the school is searching for a new president, dean of faculty, and provost, students returning to school in the fall may bear witness to many changes.

F will continue to keep you updated about what these changes are, and how they will impact your experience at SAIC. For this month’s “F News Question,” we asked you for feedback about what can be done to improve the school. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

In light of this, we are producing our first-ever “FOCUS: SAIC MOVING FORWARD” special issue, featuring articles and interviews designed to explore different aspects of the School and to continue discussing the changes that students want to make. For instance, why don’t we have school-wide exercise facilities, or a student meal plan? How does the lack of diversity within the school administration, faculty, and student body impact the many aspects of SAIC? You can find these discussions and more within the supplement, available on in-school F newsstands beginning May 7.

We continue to work diligently to see that F offers students the forum to speak their minds. The objective is always to help enrich your experiences at SAIC, whether it is soliciting comments from you about pertinent events and issues; profiling student artwork; offering in-depth coverage of the School’s various departments; or conducting interviews with established artists who are based in Chicago and throughout the world.

You can help us fulfill these goals.
Our staff will be growing over the summer — students who would like to become involved with our award-winning publication, e-mail

Enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts),

Emily and Brandon

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