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Check out Chi-Town Jazz Festival and the Rova Saxophone Quartet this week.

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by Brandon Kosters

Whether you’re into the more conventional Ellington/Basie standards kind of stuff, or bebop, or fusion, or the free-form dissonant Sun Ra kind of stuff, you’re obviously very lucky to live in a city like Chicago, where there’s more jazz than you can possibly take in.

Take in as much as you can this week.

I caught the Rova Saxophone Quartet at the Chicago Cultural Center tonight. SAIC instructor/sound artist Lou Mallozi joined them onstage. Not exactly anything you’d tap your toes to, but stimulating nevertheless. You can catch them Wednesday March 17th at the Hideout (1354 West Wabansia Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642-1519). Their set starts at 9:30 p.m.

Also happening this week is the Chi-Town Jazz Festival.

Here’s a listing of what’s happening there:

Tuesday / March 16th / 8 PM to 11 PM
minimum donation required: $12 tickets in advance, $15 at
concert, $20 for reserved table
Don Stiernberg Quartet
Kick the Cat
EVANSTON SPACE; 1245 Chicago Ave; Evanston, IL; 847 492 8860
Wednesday / March 17th / 8 PM to Midnight
minimum donation required: $15
Ryan Cohan Quartet (with Geof Bradfield)
Corey Wilkes Quartet
Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble with Victor Garcia & Darwin Noguera
JAZZ SHOWCASE; 806 S. Plymouth Ct; Chicago, IL; 312 360 0234

Thursday / March 18th / 5:30 PM to Midnight
minimum donation required: $10
Rich Corpolongo Group
Jim Trompeter Trio
Bobby Lewis Quartet (Jeremy Kahn, Stew Miller, Mike Raynor)
Ron Perrillo Quartet(Scott Burns, Dennis Carroll,
Greg Artry)
ANDY’S JAZZ CLUB; 11 E. Hubbard St; Chicago, IL; 312 642 6805

Friday / March 19th / 9 PM to 1 AM
minimum donation required: $12
Josh Moshier Mike Lebrun Quintet (John Moulder, John Deitemyer, John Tate)
Grazyna Auguscik Quintet(John McLean, Rob Clearfield, Matt Ulery, John Deitemyer)
The Skinny (with Kyle Asche)
THE GREEN MILL; 4802 N. Broadway; Chicago, IL; 773 878 5552

Friday / March 18th / 8 PM
requested donation: $25 for season tickets drawing
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with
Wynton Marsalis
SYMPHONY CENTER; 220 S. Michigan; Chicago, IL; 312 294 3000

Saturday / March 20th / 9PM to Midnight
minimum donation required: $15
Marbin (Dani Rabin & Danny Marcovich)
John Moulder Quintet
Paul Wertico’s Mid East Mid West Alliance
FITZGERALD’S; 6615 Roosevelt Rd; Berwyn, IL; 708 788 2118

Sunday / March 21st / 4 PM
Tickets: $25 with a $5 minimum donation requested

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