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Why your smartphone won't work at SAIC

Connecting to the SAIC wireless network via smartphone continues to be impossible, and frustrating.

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Connecting to the SAIC wireless network via smartphone continues to be impossible, and frustrating. Some students report having figured out how to connect on their own, but the rest of us will have to wait a little longer for support from the CRIT help desk. According to Hiroko Yamamura, Director of School Information Technologies, “This spring we will have a workflow in place to assist with the connectivity of current generation iPhone 3G and iPod Touch products.”

The complications thus far stem from the wireless networking standard used by the school. They use 802.1x, as do many large enterprises and universities, to ensure a secure connection that protects sensitive information from being intercepted. Again, Mrs.Yamamura, “The primary reason we implement this is to permit only authorized Artic account users to access our wireless network and campus network resources and to protect our user’s ARTIC account credentials. Since students may be conducting personal transactions of a sensitive nature (e.g. accessing School records, banking, shopping, etc.) we feel it is important that we take additional steps to ensure that wireless connections provide a level of security which approaches that of physically wired connections.”

Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile device support is not currently in the offering. But, it appears users of current model Apple WiFi products will soon be spared wandering the halls of the MacLean Building searching in vain for a cell signal. My next tech question: “Why can’t I ever find a place to plug in my laptop to a power outlet? Really, even in the lounges. WTF?”

3 Responses to Why your smartphone won't work at SAIC

  1. Justin says:

    Iphones and Ipod Touches can now be programmed to receive the WiFi signal on campus. Just go to CRIT on the 9th floor of MacLean Building. I have mine set up and it typically works really well.

  2. Android user says:

    RIP android users. Very unfair, I dont want to have to use data when I’m searching things up for classwork.

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