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Holography Lab Petition

Weigh in!

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Following a flood in January that damaged the Neon and Holography labs
in the basement of MacLean, the labs have remained closed all semester
and these areas of the Art and Technology curriculum have been removed
from the Fall 2009 course catalogue. Students have galvanized around
this issue and many who have either taken these classes in the past or
had hoped to in the future are committed to persuading the
administration to rebuild the labs in a timely manner and ensuring that
these unique areas of the curriculum remain intact.



I was really hoping to take this class and have 3 semesters left.

Mik Kastner

Brookhart Jonquil
Holography is a unique and valuable offering of SAIC, DON’T CUT AN ENTIRE MEDIUM! I was registered to take Beginning class Spring 09, very disappointed

Elliott Beazley

Jeni Crone

Cait Stephens

Ashley Moellering

Laura Rodriguez

Kelly Stachura

It would be a tremendous loss if holography and neon were eliminated from the school’s 
curriculum. These courses were what sold me on SAIC in the first place; I took both neon and 
holography in my first year at the school, and I continued to work as a lab assistant in holography 
until graduation. Both the programs and professors are a truly unique addition to the school, and 
studying these disciplines provides students with a new way of thinking and a unique advantage in 
real life problem-solving and technical skills post-art school.

Allison Jones

The petition has been closed. If you would like to see our institution bring back the Neon and Holography labs, please comment below.

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