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A Hirsute Affair

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At the heart of A Hirsute Affair are the myriad cultural meanings and representations of hair. A Hirsute Affair garners its name from hirsutism, a medical condition found in women who grow excessive amounts of hair, often occurring in places where hair does not normally grow. These are the literary pieces of this curated show at gallery X.

by Heather McShane
A Slideshow

Musings of  Rapunzel
by Kelsey Keaton
A Slideshow and artist’s book

Hair Is
by Tai Jin Kang

I am looking at a girl. I take pleasure in the summer breeze outside of Berry Chill yogurt ice cream shop on a summer day while examine a girl walking towards the shop.

En El Bocco De Lupo
by Francesca Rose Gagliano
I stood with dull scissors
The equivalent of a woman’s tweezers
But used, I think, to trim a man’s beard.

Beauty Salon
by Jennifer Swann
My father, a pseudo Beach Boy whose mane in every baby photo is the color of a lemon tart, is the true pioneer of all great hairstyles. His junior high class photos prove that he was wearing his hair straight and at shoulder-length long before Hanson was even conceived.

by E.C. Messer
Now that I cut
my own hair I
can recognize
other people
on the street
who do it.

A Hirsute Affair at Gallery X

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