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F Newsmagazine wins major journalism awards.

Russell Gottwaldt, editor, is the only student winner of the prestigious National Journalism Awards from the Scripps Howard Foundation, which now offers an award for college newspaper cartooning in honor of the late Charles P. Schulz. Russell received the award at the National Press Club ceremonies this weekend, a prize of $10,000 which he promises to share with the F staff. Not! (Editor: Nicolette Bond and Webmaster: Shellie Fiocca) won Best overall Design and Best Website from the Student Society for News Design. SSND called F’s website “a clear winner,” over websites from schools with large journalism programs and well-established sites. The Illinois College Press Association awarded our website a First Place, Online Publication Open Category. won a Silver Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (Columbia University School of Journalism) for Spring 2005.

F has made a major commitment to its website in the past two years. Unlike other college newspaper sites, which use publishing services such as College Publisher, F staff designs its own website without any advertising support. We also in the past have suffered by comparison with website from college dailies and weeklies, which can update with news frequently, in contests where judges see newspaper websites as a means of providing constantly updated news reporting. This year we received recognition for the excellence of our design and the innovative content, which includes numerous web exclusives, including faculty and student blogs, a literary magazine, and, mentioned by SSND’s critique, F Zine, a section for high school artists and writers.

Additional awards from SSND follow.


News page design: inside
Second place: Maya Bruck (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Where it all goes”)
Third place: Maya Bruck (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Iraqi Freedom”)

Top Features page design: single page or spread
First place: Dimitry Tetin (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Recovery of Meaning”)
Second place: Jason Baum (U of Nevada-Reno Nevada Sagebrush “‘Tis the fashionable season”)
Third place: Maya Bruck (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Three decades of Image”)

Overall design of a special section or magazine (once a semester or less)
Honorable mention: Gabriela Tejada (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Ink”)

Magazine or special section cover (once a semester or less)
First place: Paul Salhany (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Ink”)

Magazine or special section cover (at least monthly)
First place: Brigitte Caine (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Speak Up”)
Second place: Russell Gottwaldt, Maya Bruck and Brigitte Caine (SAIC F Newsmagazine “100% Artist”)

Information graphics
First place: Maya Bruck (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Where it all goes”)

Illustration either hand-drawn or computer-generated
First place: Brigitte Caine and Leda Seyranoglu (SAIC F Newsmagazine “Speak Up”)
Third place: Russell Gottwald, Maya Bruck and Brigitte Caine (SAIC F Newsmagazine “100% Artist”)
Honorable mention: So Youn Kim (SAIC F Newsmagazine “American flag”)

Russell Gottwaldt, F Newsmagazine, SAIC of Chicago, receives $10,000 with the Charles M. Schulz award from the Scripps Howard Foundation.
The award noted, “Gottwaldt is experimenting with writing and drawing a multi-paged editorial comic, featuring off-beat humor mixed with sophisticated social commentary. His work has alternative appeal, but is still accessible to the mainstream reader. Judges said that his work represents where the cartoon industry is going while building on where it’s been.”

Illinois College Press Association Awards

Online Publication
First Place – Open Category for presented to: online staff Shellie Fiocca and Nicolette Bond

John David Reed General Excellence – Non-Dailies Under 4000
May, September, October issues (dates selected by ICPA) credited: Manda Gillespie, Dimitry Tetin, Russell Gottwaldt, Marisa Plumb

In-Depth Reporting
First Place – Non-Dailies Under 4000 Category for our coverage of Hurricane Katrina – October, November, December issues. Marisa Plumb, Russell Gottwaldt, Simon Hunt, Brigitte Caine, Simon Hunt, Marisa Plumb, Marisa Holmes, and Robyn Coffey. (Also: Dimitry Tetin, Lennie Shin, Soyoun Kim, Chloe Jung for their infographic center spread).

Feature Page Design
First Place – Non-Dailies Under 4000 for Sarah Cameron’s “Iraqi Freedom U.S. Style”, designed by Maya Bruck, April issue.

Cartoon Strip or Panel
First Place – Open Category for Lucy Knisley’s “Stop Paying Attention” (three consecutive strips) October-December issues.

Feature Story
Honorable Mention – Non-Dailies Under 4000 for Katrina Kuntz’s “As Serious as an Art Attack”, November Issue

Headline Writing
Honorable Mention – Non-Dailies Under 4000 for Simon Hunt and Russell Gottwaldt’s headline “Flagging Power”, Questioning the Authority of a Symbol. Article written by John McKinnon, December issue.

Graphic Illustration
Honorable Mention – Open Category for Shellie Fiocca’s illustrations in “How the Health are You?” article written by Simon Hunt, September issue.

Photo Essay
Honorable mention – Hayley Schmidt’s Advertisement less than a full page
Honorable mention – Peter Bergman’s Advertisement less than a full page

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