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Art Watch: Dong Creates Edible Masterpiece

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Chinese artist Song Dong was invited to create an edible installation for Selfridges, a London department store, to highlight his concern with the homogenization of developing Asian cities. “We have to look forward and prepare for the future but not look all the same,” said Dong. Nearly 75,000 biscuits, or cookies, and other sweets were used to construct a cityscape of a traditional Asian city combined with more modern, imaginative buildings.

BBC News reports that Dong chose biscuits because they look like building blocks and “they are very sweet so you can’t eat a lot of them otherwise they make you sick.” Artists aiding with the installation have not admitted to any nibbling. Kieron Stone said, “I haven’t had one biscuit but I’m looking forward to having one or two but they’re going to be a bit stale.” Fake or Real? Answers HERE.

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