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Art Watch: Granny's collection of erotica opens to acclaim

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The World Erotic Art Museum that opened last October in Miami Beach is owned and operated by 71-year-old grandmother and antiques collector Naomi Wilzig. Wilzig, who began her collection after her eldest son asked for his own erotic art conversation piece, has hunted antique shows and shops for the past 15 years with a sign around her neck that read “Buying Erotica.” Since she travels the globe looking for interesting goods, she has the sign in six languages.

Wilzig’s World Erotic Art Museum boasts over 4,000 works, from penis chairs to plaques of vaginas, and is the only wholly private collection of erotic art open to the public.

“You can’t come through here without talking about the bed,” Wilzig told Associated Press writer Jessica Gresko, referring to the four-poster bed with an 8-foot phallus at each corner. Over 150 carvings of sexual positions cover the posts, headboard, and footboard. According to Wilzig, she bought the bed from its German creator after his divorce.

Wilzig’s World Erotic Art Museum attracts about 75 visitors daily. Fake or Real? Answers HERE.

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