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An Incomplete Map of Everything

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by Katrina Kuntz

An Incomplete Map of Everything, a month-long series of performances curated by SAIC instructor and artist Mark Booth, opens Friday, February 3, at independent artistic Links Hall, with the experimental literature of Christian Bök and fellow SAIC instructor Terri Kapsalis. The interdisciplinary festival of language, performance and sound features readings, lectures, live music, video art, as well as text-based and other conceptual projects by artists Jen Bervin, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Björn Ross; SAIC faculty members including Lou Mallozzi, Matthew Goulish, Ken Fandell, and Ginger Krebs; and up-and-coming SAIC students and alumni Lilli Carré, Erin Tikovitch, Tony Rosati, Ben Brown, Meg Nafziger, Petrova Giberson, Trent Smith, and Justin Cooper.

Of particular interest is the multi-faceted Scandinavian artist Ross. February 11 and 12 he will present an “audiovisual performance remix” of the last 10 years of his sound, web, and video work and will speak about experimental art in Scandinavia. Also, don’t miss visual poet and wordsmith extraordinaire Goldsmith, a collector, cataloguer, and, for lack of a better title, distribution manager of everyday speech and culture. He reads along with Goulish, who introduces new work produced for the Institute of Failure, on February 24 and 25.

Admission is $10 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening throughout February. Schedule and directions available at


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