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You Are Not Alone in the “Beautiful Diaspora”

April 20, 2022

An exhibition that reimagines bitter history across geographic boundaries.

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Columbia College Protests

January 1, 2018

Staff and students protested the threat to adequate wages, job security, and...

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#AiWeiwei in #Chicago

June 22, 2017

Controversial artist Ai Weiwei's first solo show in Chicago is at the Museum of...

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Leisurely Novelty

October 20, 2013

Artist-curated book collections at "Slow Read" inspire a laid-back engagement.

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Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl Brings The Thunder

September 23, 2013

Columbia College students and the public flock to a new kind of "homecoming."

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Karen Irvine: Curator, Photographer, Artist

January 16, 2013

Irvine describes her unusual story that led her to curating and her...

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